Project Overview

Creating a mobile  application prototype for the Bahar yoga academy, which used to provide yoga educational contents. 
At the same time providing workout place for the users who wants to attend the sessions in person. 

Mandala Logo

Problem Statement

In this project, the main goal was providing the users, an online application to be able to practice yoga on their own or attend online yoga classes. On the side give them the ability to workout under supervision of expert instructors in-person.

Yoga on the beach

The audiences and my responsibility

The users can be any person who wellbeing practice is important for her/him. There is no age limitation for the users who are using this application, and there is also no gender limitation for this app.
As a UX and UI designer I was supposed to create the prototype for this application. I had to design this project when having an eye on the time limitations. 
The other issue in the design process also was the agile competition that the project environment had due  to the vigilant competitors!

Competitive Analysis and Research

I compared some of the most famous application, such as: Down Dog, Daily Yoga, Gaia, Alo Moves, and etc., which were used for this purpose. I used the statistics resulted from this comparisons in my research process.
I also researched and find out a lot of valuable issues, such as the importance of the cleanliness of the practice place for 70.5% of the users, or aside from in-person classes, 24% of people also use yoga apps or yoga guided by videos to practice.

SWOT, User survey, Persona, Journey map, and Empathy Map

I've created a SWOT table to have a better understanding of my advantages and disadvantages, and compare it to the situation and possible opportunities. I conducted user survey with about twenty questions. 5 multiple choices and 15 open ended questions among 15 audiences.
Gathering the ideas from the user survey, I created some personas, journey maps, and empathy map

SWOT tableYoga app personaYoga app journey mapYoga app empathy map

User stories, flows, and Site map

Based on the interviews, I’ve prepared couple of user stories, and based on each user story, I created a user flow.
Eventually I designed a sire map to have a better understanding of what the application is going to look like.

Yoga app user storiesYoga app user flowsYoga app user flowsYoga app site map


I have prepared several sketches while working on the wireframes ideas of Bahar Yoga Academy Application. While I sketched enough toward the point I thought I understood what I want from the wireframes, I started to change those sketch wireframes to digital wire frames. When I've completed that process, I started to change them to clickable prototypes.
After finishing the digital wireframes, and a little review and iteration for finding mental models and also investigating about best practices, I started to design some mood boards, and investigate more on appropriate typeface by creating a typography board. Through my research I found the what theme and colours normally the application in this field use. I searched for the meaning of those colours and selected some suitable colours for my application. When I selected the theme and colours, I started to design style tile and mood boards.
After the mood boards, I designed the logo for my application, and started creating hi-fidelity prototypes.

Crazu 8 sketchesClickable wireframesMood boardYoga app typographyYoga app logoHi-fi prototype

Usability Test and Releasing

After the usability test process, which I have faith in it, and solving a couple of user's complaints, I created the new application's prototype, and released it to the client. Follow you can see couple of application's pages.

Inhale PageExhale PageSign in/ Sign upGender PageSession RegisterationStart Plan Video
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