Cloud GrPHIC

I'll leverage my architecture and interior design background to improve the user experience.

Working to make a positive impact on people’s lives through intentional and beautiful design. I am a product designer with a background in architecture and interior design.
SNOWY CLOUD GRAPHICA city graphic with snowy cloud on top
Chay Cornet Black & White Logo
Chay Corner Vegan Vietnamese Pop Up

Designing a website for customers of a Vietnamese vegan restaurant to be able to order online .
Real world project through a Hackathon.

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Bus in the capital
Bus Tracking Application

Designing and prototyping a mobile app for a bus timetable and tracking application.
Conceptual project.

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Yoga- Mandala
Bahar Yoga Academy

Creating a mobile application prototype for the Bahar yoga academy, which is used to provide yoga educational content.

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Digital Brain Imaging
Medical Imaging Report

A website's prototype for the radiologists to be able to produce an appropriate report for a medical imaging automatically, and in a less time consuming way.
Real world project.

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Meadow's border with balloons and cloud and the lady with ice cream in her hand.